1. Who can join the game?
Anyone in the world can join our game. There is just one condition of participation, you must be of legal age in your home country. If this is fulfilled, all you need to do is to register on-line using valid contact details. You can take part in the game from any place in the world and as many times as you like.

2. Can I call from also my mobile?
Yes, you can call from your mobile or land line or even from internet phone. Any phone connection counts.

3. How often can I call?
Number of calls per player is unlimited. You can call as many times as you like. The longer you hold the line the more Lucky Hits you collect. You can either call once or keep holding or you can make multiple calls.

4. What can I win?
You can win many of our fabulous prizes. Mobile phones, watches, toys, computers, MP3s, cameras, game consoles and much more is available every week. There is also one special prize announced on Saturday night for each upcoming week. Please, remember that if you are not the lucky winner one week, you can simply try it again next week. With so many prizes to give away is the chance to win very high.
Note: If you don't fill in your details correctly, it will be impossible for us to find you and send you your winnings!

5. How do I find out if I won?
The winners are notified every Friday evening/night by email individually. Alternatively you can find out if you log into your profile. Make sure you use correct contact details when you register.

6.Are the names of winners published?
According to the Terms&Conditions of Dial2win we do publish names of winners on our website. You can find the list of winners displayed on the homepage.

7. How do I claim the prize?
When the winner is notified about winning, there is simple claiming procedure to follow. The claiming procedure is described in detail in the notification email that the winner receives on Friday night.

8. How do I receive the prize?
The prizes are being distributed by reputable parcel delivery services worldwide. The prize is shipped within 48 hours after we receive the confirmation from the winner. The delivery time is usually 2-7 days.

9. How can I contact the players' support?
In case of any questions or comments please try first to find answers on our website. Alternatively you are welcome to contact us on email: support@dial2win.com and you will get prompt reply.

10. Can I have more accounts?
Players are allowed to create multiple accounts. However there is no point of doing so as there is same chance to win with one account as well with multiple accounts.

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